The coronavirus picture is announced daily by the health ministries of the respective countries. We present these descriptions to you in summary every day. Risks related coronavirus world from Corona, the data coming from Turkey and the TRNC compiling every day. Well, as of April 1, 2020, the number of cases, those who recover, deaths are going in what direction. The coronavirus is still increasing. After Italy and Spain, the bells started to ring in France. Although countries allocate huge budgets to fight, they cannot fight this virus. The world is almost experiencing a nightmare. On April 1, we are generally used to making jokes, but this year no one has any motivation to joke.

World Coronavirus Table

When we look at the corona virus map, we see all the regions in red. There were cases in more than 200 countries. According to the latest updates, the number of positive covid-19 approved worldwide reached 883,225. Due to the coronavirus, 44,156 people died. 185.377 people won the coronavirus struggle and were discharged. But there are cases when the disease recurs. In the United States, the picture is getting worse day by day. With the new cases, the total number of patients reached 189,753. The state that allocated $ 2 Trillion to the war with this virus cannot stop the rapid spread. While the number of people who died in New York City was 1096, 150 people died in Washington. The United States takes first place in the number of cases, while Italy remains the top in the number of deaths. In Italy, where 105.792 cases were detected, 12.428 people died. In Italy, where the elderly population is the majority, mortality rates are also high. It has been announced that 15 thousand 729 people have recovered in Italy so far. The number of cases in Spain is about to approach Italy. The number of cases exceeded 102 thousand. In Isoanya, 9053 people died due to coronavirus. Turkey to Italy and Spain has sent two military cargo plane with relief supplies difficulty in combating the virus today. China seems to have won the fight against the virus. The number of cases is 82,361, but the rates of increase are very low.

Statements in Turkey Coronavirus

Turkey is on saddle checksum ball with coronavirus. As the number of cases progresses horizontally, measures are increased. In his statement, Health Minister Koca announced the number of positive cases detected in the last twenty four hours as 2704. 2 thousand 704 people were diagnosed with coronavirus. While the number of cases was 13 thousand 531 with new positive diagnoses, casualties also increased. For the last 24 hours, 46 people died because of this virus. The total death toll rose 214 ′. The number of test centers in Turkey 75 output. The number of tests was increased by compared to the previous day, and the total number of tests was announced as 92,403. Total number of new cases detected with a new generation of coronavirus-positive cases in yükseldi.847 13531 patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit with coronaviruses cause in Turkey.

Second Loss of Life Happened in Northern Cyprus

Unfortunately, the 2nd Loss of Life occurred in the TRNC due to coronavirus. The 83-year-old German Tourist, who was under intensive care, died. The female tourist, whose name was announced as Lieselotte Hosh, was hospitalized on March 20, 2020, and was taken to intensive care on March 24. Northern Cyprus has implemented all measures to combat coronavirus. The workplaces were closed from the very first days. Subsequently, a partial curfew was imposed.
A statement was made by the Ministry of Health in Northern Cyprus for April 1, 2020. The number of tests in the TRNC was increased and 488 covid-19 tests were applied today. 7 positive cases were detected. 3 of these cases are from Karpaz, 1 from Alsancak, 2 from Nicosia and 1 from Kyrenia. The total number of cases rose to 77. 29 people were discharged. 46 people are under treatment. 2 The patient is unfortunately in intensive care.