With the new figures, the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 500000. More than 24 thousand people died due to this virus. In the USA, the number of cases progressed very quickly and passed China. The coronavirus, which spread to all states in the USA, was transmitted to 85 thousand 911 people. Fear of increasing deaths. The number of cases in Italy is very close to China. Over 80 thousand positive cases were detected. Italy takes the lead in deaths. More than 8215 people died. It is being followed carefully by all peoples developments in Turkey.

Increase Case Continues in Turkey

Despite increasing the number of tests carried out in Turkey, but experts say that we need to do more tests. Turkey in the last 24 hours, more than 7,200 tests were performed. Positive covid-19 was detected in 1196 of the tests. Minister Koca regretted that 16 people were killed. loss of life caused by the coronavirus experienced unfortunately in Turkey rose to 75. The total number of cases increased significantly to 3629. It was also stated that two male patients over 60 years old were recovered and discharged. It was emphasized that the people take this virus seriously and to apply the measures at the highest level. The curfew was spoken by many circles in Turkey. Turkey will complete distance education universities in the spring semester. The holiday of other schools was postponed until at least 30 April 2020. It was also reported that the YKS exam would be postponed.

New Cases Continue to Come in Cyprus

Yesterday, two separate press releases came from the Northern Cyprus Ministry of Health. Northern Cyprus Health Minister Ali Pilli said that the first statement revealed that 9 new cases were identified and the total number of positive cases rose to 56. In the second statement, which came late, it was reported that 25 more tests were completed and the total number was 57. So what is the overall picture of the Northern Cyprus coronavirus? A total of 645 tests have been carried out so far. 57 of these tests were found to be positive and were recorded. If we look at the demographic structure of the cases, it is seen that 25 patients are TRNC citizens, 31 patients are German citizens and one is Turkmenistan citizen. 29 of 31 German patients were discharged. As we reported yesterday, the condition of 2 German patients worsened and connected to the respirator.25 Treatment of 28 patients, including Northern Cyprus citizens, 2 German Citizens and 1 Turkmenistan citizen, continues. Entries and exits were taken under control in 3 villages in Northern Cyprus. These villages were announced as Dipkarpaz, Sipahi and Yenierenköy.

Dear readers, Stay at home, do not risk yourself and your loved ones.