24 Mart 2020 itibarı ile koranavirüsü sayıları;

As the coronavirus continues its progression, casualties continue to come. According to official figures, the number of patients infected with covid-19 has exceeded 395,647 worldwide. Of these cases, 17,241 people died. Most deaths occurred in Italy with 6077. To date, 103,317 people have been treated and beat covid-19. More than 60 thousand people recovered in China. China, Spain and Iran follow Italy in the loss of lives. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to a point. These numbers are official figures announced on Earth. Well, those are not explained. In many countries such as Pakistan, not enough tests are done or real numbers are kept.

Türkiye’de Son Durum

3672 people in Turkey over the past 24 hours Covidien-19 test was performed. Unfortunately, 293 of them tested positive. Turkey total number of patients with new cases rose to 1529. With 7 lives lost yesterday, the total number of deaths increased to 37. Health Minister Koca announced that the number of tests will be increased. Turkey is known to be present in the patient recovered, but the official institutions made a statement on this issue figures. It is very important to have healed in this pandemic disease. Because the rapid spread of the disease can collapse even very strong health systems like in Italy. It is natural that many people get this disease. But if everyone is caught at the same time, the treatment rates will decrease and the casualties will increase. Therefore, the number of patients treated and discharged is of great importance. In order for the disease to spread quickly, everyone should stay at home and not risk their family and loved ones. Life Fits Home.

Kıbrıs’ta Koronovirüsü ile İlgili Son Durum

Kuzey Kıbrısta Son 24 saat içerisinde 1 vaka tespit edildi. KKTC aldığı önlemler ile Virüsü yavaşlatmayı başardı. Şimdiye kadar tespit edilen vakalardan 29’u iyileşti ve sadece 11 vaka kaldı. Güney Kıbrıs’ta ise 116 vaka tespit edildi. Şimdiye kadar 8 kişi iyileşti ve 1 kişi yaşamını kaybetti. Yani toplamda Adada şu ana kadar pozitif tespit edlen covid-19 sayısı 156’dır.