Corona Virus statistics change at any time with the incoming statements. In the world, the final status of the TRNC and Turkey, we have summarized for you. Corona Virus has seriously affected countries not only in terms of health, but also economically. Countries are announcing a new package of economic measures every day. Scientific Boards and Ministerial Boards hold meetings every other day. Of course, the only agenda of these meetings is to combat the corona virus.
The numbers of 30 March 2020 Corona Virus have not been announced yet. People are constantly looking for answers to questions such as how many corona cases have been, how many have died and how many have recovered.

Corona Virus Numbers in the World

According to the official statements of the countries, the number of patients affected by Covid-19 stands out as 737.929. It is clearly seen that there is a rapid increase and the increase continues. 35,019 people died as positive as a result of the test. 10,779 of these fatal cases occurred in Italy. So far, 156507 people have won the fight against this disease and have recovered. The first country to stand out in terms of number of cases stands out as the United States. In the USA, 143,055 people got the new generation corona virus. 776 people died in New York alone. Most deaths due to this virus occurred in Italy. Spain follows Italy, where 10779 people lost their lives. 75916 people who were infected with corona virus in China were completed and discharged.

Mr. Corona virus in Turkey

According to the latest statement it was made 65 446 corona virus testing in Turkey. 9.217 of these tests were detected as positive covid-19. Unfortunately, 131 people died due to corona virus. 568 people are still receiving intensive care. Many need respirators. So far, it has been announced that 105 patients have recovered. 394 people were announced as intubated patients. So what is intubate sick? Intubation means passing to artificial respiration or supporting respiration with some devices with the possibility of breathing or disruption of the person's respiratory tract.

TRNC Corona Virus Numbers

30 March 2020 announcements have not been made in the TRNC yet. As of 29 March 2020, 1103 tests were carried out. 64 positive corona cases were detected. So far, there has been no death, except for a 73-year-old German Tourist. 29 patients were discharged. 3 Unfortunately, the patient is being treated in the intensive care unit. Treatment of 82 patients on the last day and the number of patients with positive covid-19 among these tests is continuing. 32 of these patients are TRNC citizens. 2 people are foreign nationals. 879 people are kept under surveillance because they come from abroad.