The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly across all continents. We see that new measures and measures are taken day by day.
In our country, the number of patients infected with corona virus approached 1000. Officials say that this war could be won if the necessary measures are taken.

Case Number Had Few in Turkey?

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Health, 2 thousand 953 people have been tested in the last twenty four hours. 2 thousand 676's of negative tests in Turkey while 277 people Covidien-19 test results came back positive, unfortunately. The total number of coronaviruses in Turkey together with the newly detected cases rose to nine hundred and forty-seven. Turkey lost the last 24 hours in the life of 12 elderly patients. To date, the number of people who lost their lives due to corona virus has increased to 21 in our country. The numbers indicate that the measures need to be increased further. It is not known when the Covid-19 virus will peak and take control. Curfew was imposed on people over the age of 65. Restaurants and restaurants are prohibited from serving tables. Package services will continue. People with chronic illnesses were forbidden to go outside. Individuals who are covered by the curfew will be able to call 112 and 155 and seek help if they have any need. Social isolation is of great importance in corona-fighting the virus. Now you're corona virus protection methods Consider.