The epidemic continues at full speed, but how do we protect against the COvid-19 Virus? The most important factor in this process stands out as personal hygiene. We have to pay much attention to our personal hygiene.
We must leave at least 1 meter distance between the Sneezing and Coughing Persons.
In cases of sneezing and coughing, we should cover our appeal and nose with a napkin or handkerchief once used.
If we do not have this opportunity, we can use the inside of our elbow.
We should wash our hands and wrists frequently with soap and water. We must take care of washing for at least 20 seconds.
Sabun ve su bulamadığınız durumlarda ellerimizi minimum %70 alkol içeren dezenfektanlar ile temizleyebiliriz.
We must take maximum care not to touch our mouth, nose, and eyes with our hands.
We should stay away from crowded environments as much as possible.
Pay attention to your sleep pattern.
Exercise regularly, pay attention to exercises.
We should abandon our habits such as handshaking and hugging.
We need to ventilate closed environments that we have to spend time with. We must be careful not to chill while doing this.
It is very important to keep our immune system difficult. Therefore, we should take care of a balanced diet.
We should consume plenty of water.
If not, we should avoid traveling to other places.
Those returning from abroad must meet the 14-day isolated requirement.
If possible, we should spend our time at home and not go out.
We should wash our laundry at high temperature.
We should not use materials such as towels at home.

In this process, we need to be socially isolated to protect ourselves and our relatives. Therefore, let's not leave our homes, and encourage our family members in this direction. If we are aware of it, we can win the war with this virus if we take the precautions.