All over the world, the Corona virus scenario is rapidly increasing in severity. Everyday explanations cause the statistics to go up. With the latest data, the number of people with positive Covid-19 detected in the world rose to 965,246. The number of people who died in the world due to this virus has approached 50 thousand. 203 thousand people won the fight against the disease and received treatment. The country with the highest number of cases in the world stands out as the USA with 217,263 people. The increase in the number of cases is very high in the USA. 13 thousand 155 people died in Italy due to the Corona virus. In Spain, the number of people who died exceeded 10 thousand. China ranks first with 76,571 patients in the number of healed patients.

Number Turkey Corona Virus

In Turkey, the number of tests every day artılıy. We said yesterday that the number of test centers has been increased to 75. Minister Koca stated in his statement that they have the capacity to provide the necessary materials to the health center if requested. The number of tests in the last 24 hours last minute explanation in Turkey was announced that 18 757. The number of positive cases detected is 2,456. Last 24 hours with Covidien-19 causes 79 citizens lost their lives in Turkey. The total number of cases, while the number of tests applied in Turkey rose to 18 135 125 556 together with recent findings. The total number of people who died was 356. Unfortunately, today we lost one of our professors who were trained many professors. Turkey has 1,101 patients in intensive care. The number of patients recovered also increased, reaching 415. There are 783 intubated patients. In other words, these patients continue their treatment by receiving respiratory support from a device because their respiratory systems are impaired. As of April 2, 2020, we can say that the number of our cases has increased, but followed a horizontal course. Everyone has to take their precautions and stay home. The only way we can overcome this disease with the least loss is if everyone acts as a positive case and isolates themselves.

North Cyprus Corona Virus Numbers

April 2 results were announced by the TRNC Ministry of Health. 256 tests were performed in the last 24 hours. 4 positive cases were detected in contact with previous patients. As of today, 2 patients are being treated in intensive care. No patient died. No patient was discharged. With today's tests, the number of tests conducted in the North of the Island was 2006. The total number of people detected with the new generation Corona Virus increased to 81. While the number of patients undergoing treatment is 50, 873 people are kept under observation because they come from abroad. 2 German tourists have died in Northern Cyprus due to covid-19 so far.