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Current CoronaVirus Numbers

The coronavirus is spreading relentlessly. Countries, which are the symbol of development in the world, are struggling to fight covid-19. Italy, Spain and the USA are experiencing a horror movie. Death numbers are expected to increase in the US in the coming days. Respirators and masks are not enough. The total number of cases in the world has exceeded 1 million. Death cases have exceeded the 58000 threshold. 225 thousand 335 people who were caught in the new type of coronavirus received treatment

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Corona Virus Numbers

Corona virus scenario all over the world is rapidly increasing its severity. Disclosures every day cause statistics to go up. With the latest data, the number of people detected positive Covid-19 in the world rose to 965,246. The number of people who lost their lives due to this virus has reached 50 thousand. 203 thousand people won the fight against the disease and received treatment. Number of cases in the world

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Ministry of Health Coronavirus Table

The coronavirus picture is announced daily by the health ministries of the respective countries. We present these descriptions to you in summary every day. Risks related coronavirus world from Corona, the data coming from Turkey and the TRNC compiling every day. Well, as of April 1, 2020, the number of cases, those who recover, deaths are going in what direction. The coronavirus is still increasing. Also in France after Italy and Spain

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Coronary Virus Continues to Increase

The coronavirus continues increasingly in our country and in the world. Countries take very serious measures against the rapidly spreading virus. The virus affects health as well as economies. The number of cases is increasing every day. There is an explosion in the number of cases in a new country every day. The USA, Italy and Spain are struggling with the virus. The world is having its hardest days after the 2nd World War.

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Current Corona Virus Table

Corona Virus statistics change at any time with the incoming statements. In the world, the final status of the TRNC and Turkey, we have summarized for you. Corona Virus has seriously affected countries not only in terms of health, but also economically. Countries are announcing a new package of economic measures every day. Scientific Boards and Ministerial Boards hold meetings every other day. Of course, the only agenda of these meetings is the corona virus.

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How Many People Corona Viruses Have Lost Their Lives?

The Corona virus has spread all over the world. A new statement comes every minute and the numbers are updated. According to official statements, the total number of positive corona virus cases exceeded 678 thousand. 31 thousand 700 people died from corona virus. In Europe, which has become the epicenter of Covid-19, the numbers and deaths continue to increase. In Italy, where the elderly population is concentrated

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Coronavirus Continues to Kill

The only agenda of the whole world is coronavirus. We have not seen anything else in the news channels. The coronavirus changed our lifestyles from start to finish. People can't go out on the street. Many businesses closed shutters, and economies turned upside down. States have announced major measures. In the United States, covid-19 rose with great momentum. 104,837 cases were detected in the USA. Trump to combat this virus

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How to Strengthen the Immune System Against Coronavirus

The number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in our country as well as in the world. One of the most important things we need to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones will be to strengthen our immune system, as our Ministry of Health says. We need to pay more attention to our health than ever before. The most crucial point for a strong immune system is the balanced diet and foods that will increase our immunity.

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Coronavirus Table Getting Slow

With the new figures, the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 500000. More than 24 thousand people died due to this virus. In the USA, the number of cases progressed very quickly and passed China. The coronavirus, which spread to all states in the USA, was transmitted to 85 thousand 911 people. Fear of increasing deaths. The number of cases in Italy is very close to China. Over 80 thousand positive cases were detected. Death

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Corona Virus Latest Developments

We haven't talked anything else in recent days. Because Corona Virus has turned our lives, our way of life, our economy upside down. Economies came to a standstill while the whole world was struggling with the Corona Virus. Enterprises outside the food sector are in perishable condition. So how about the corona virus? Test numbers, case numbers, new explanations and loss of life Corona Virus Cases are Increasing in the World

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