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Corona Virus Protection Methods

The epidemic continues at full speed, so how do we protect against the COvid-19 Virus? The most important factor in this process stands out as personal hygiene. We have to pay much attention to our personal hygiene. We must leave at least 1 meter distance between the Sneezing and Coughing Persons. In cases of sneezing and coughing, we should cover our appeal and nose with a napkin or handkerchief once used.

What are the symptoms of corona virus

Fever Balance problems Vision problems, watery eyes, and color change in the eyes Fatigue and stagnation Anorexia and weight loss Swelling of the abdominal region Respiratory problems and cold Change in general psychological state, unhappy expression Covid-19 CONTACT? Scientists originally predicted that this virus would follow a SARS virus-style route that was effective in 2002-2003. But recent studies,

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