The coronavirus is spreading relentlessly. Countries that are the symbol of development in the world are having difficulties in fighting covid-19. Italy, Spain and the USA are experiencing a horror movie. The number of deaths in the USA is expected to increase in the coming days. Respirators and masks are not enough. The total number of cases in the world has exceeded 1 million, and fatal cases have passed the 58000 threshold. 225 thousand 335 people who caught the new type of coronavirus were treated and recovered. All uncertainty about the disease continues. There is no definitive treatment method. The vaccine has not been found. The number of cases in the United States reached 261 thousand 438, while the total number of cases detected in Italy increased to 119 thousand 827. 14,681 people died in Italy due to covid-19. The number of cases in Spain approached Italy. The coronavirus took the lives of nearly 11 thousand people in Spain.

Current Issue in Turkey Coronavirus

Current number of coronaviruses in Turkey was announced by the health ministry. In the last 24 hours, 16 thousand 160 tests were applied to detect the cases. A new generation of coronavirus was detected in 2 thousand 786 people. Unfortunately, 69 people died today. The total number of deaths rose to 425 in Turkey. The total number of cases increased to 20921. The total number of tests increased to 141,716. 1251 people are staying in intensive care. 484 people recovered and were discharged.
Today, new measures were taken to combat coronaviruses in Turkey. Under the age of 20 were included in the curfew for 65 years old. People under the age of 20 are now prohibited from going out. These people were causing the disease to spread as they moved a lot and had the risk of carrying the disease without showing symptoms. This initiative is aimed at preventing the spread.

Current Coronavirus Numbers in Cyprus

The number of cases is flat in Northern Cyprus. The Minister of Health announced the current issues around 17: 00-18: 00 in the afternoon as he was always. In the last 24 hours, 321 contacts were tested. Coronavirus was detected in 7 of the people tested. Three of these diagnoses were detected in Lapta and 4 in Karpaz. As good news, the number of people in intensive care has dropped to 1. The total number of tests performed increased to 2327. The total number of positive cases detected rose to eighty-eight. 2 people had died until today. 57 The patient's treatment continues. To date, 29 patients have recovered and have been discharged. 843 are under surveillance in the TRNC. 207 people whose quarantine period expired returned to their homes.
Case distributions by regions;

Nicosia: ……… .11

Miter: ……… ..3

Famagusta: ……… ..3

Statement:… ..3

Kyrenia: ………… ..2

Lapta: ………… ..9

Alsancak: …… ..4

Pier / Karpaz: .22