Corona virus has spread all over the world. Every minute a new explanation comes and the figures are updated. According to official statements, the total number of positive corona virus cases has exceeded 678 thousand. 31 thousand 700 people died from the corona virus. In Europe, which has become the epicenter of Covid-19, the number of cases and deaths continue to increase. In Italy, where the elderly population is intense, the number of deaths has exceeded 10000. Spain follows Italy with 6,528. These countries are followed by China, Iran and France, respectively. Russia announced yesterday that it found the Corona Virus drug. The world is locked into developments in vaccines and medicines to be found. All countries formed scientific committees and project teams.

How Many People Died From Corona Virus Few in Turkey?

A total of 337632 people in Europe were infected with the corona virus. So what's the current number of cases in Turkey. If we remember the corona first case was detected in Turkey March 11, 2020. Current information Minister Koca announced on Twitter. The number of positive test corona virus rose to 698 thousand in Turkey 5. It was stated that the number of tests is increasing day by day and more than 7000 tests are applied in 24 hours. Until now, a new generation of corona virus in Turkey, 108 people lost their lives. It is also known that there are those who survived the Corona virus and were discharged. It continues to increase measures in Turkey. With the new decisions taken, intercity travels were banned. The figures continue to be announced every 24 hours.

Turkey Corona Virus Table

The announcement of March 29, 2020 has not been made yet. Turkey Corona Virus Summary According to yesterday's statement is as follows. In our country, the covid-19 test has been applied to 55,464 people so far. With new cases, the total number increased to 7,402. As mentioned above, 108 people have died so far. While the number of people hospitalized in intensive care due to this virus is 445, there are 309 entuba patients. 70 people recovered by winning the war with this virus.

TRNC New Council of Ministers Decisions

The Council of Ministers announced new decisions in Northern Cyprus. Schools, private teaching institutions, kindergartens and related education centers will be closed until April 10, 2020. Workplaces other than essential sectors such as pharmacy, market, gas station will also be closed until the same date. Theater, cinema, concert etc. activities were canceled until 10 April. Sports competitions were also canceled until the same date. New pre-authorization applications for all foreign employees will not be made until April 30, 2020. All personnel in the public sector, except for priority services such as police, fire brigade, health, civil aviation, will be considered on administrative leave until April 10. Until April 11, TRNC citizens, other than their spouses and children will not be able to enter the island.

TRNC Corona Virus Cases

The first death from corona virus occurred in Northern Cyprus yesterday. According to the statements of the Ministry of Health, the 73-year-old German Tourist died. A new case has been detected in Northern Cyprus in the last 24 hours. However, the number of people with positive corona viruses in the north of the island increased to 62. When we look at Southern Cyprus, we see that the picture is more severe. While 17 new corona virus patients were detected in the last 24 hours in the South, the total number increased to 179. While deaths due to the virus were not announced yesterday in Southern Cyprus, the total number of deaths remained 5.