Balance problems

Vision problems, eye irritation, and color change in the eye

Weakness and stagnation

Loss of appetite and weight

Swelling of the abdominal area

Respiratory problems and flu

Change in general psychological state, unhappy expression

Covid-19 Contagious, How to Conquer?

Scientists originally predicted that this virus would follow a SARS virus-style route that was effective in 2002-2003. But recent studies have revealed that Covid-19 acts in the body in a way more like aggressive viruses like Ebola and HIV. Authorities warned that the new type of Corona Virus may be 100 to 1000 times more harmful than SARS.

According to studies, Covid-19 enters the body through the mouth, nose or eyes. He then targets an enzyme called 'furin'. Thanks to that enzyme, the corona virus, which activates the proteins in the cell, enables a direct fusion between human cells and the virus. It spreads throughout the body. The SARS virus spread to approximately 8 thousand people in the world in 2002 and caused 774 deaths.

Because SARS would attach to the protein called ACE2, which is not much in healthy people. The fact that ACE2 protein was low in healthy individuals prevented this disease from spreading too much.